Vacationing with Sisley Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat…

I have been testing the new foundation by Sisley since before Thanksgiving and I have to say that it is quite spectacular. It almost gives my La Prairie a run for its money. It is the most long wearing foundation I have ever tried. I took it to Dubai with me and it is the only foundation I ever wore as I wanted to make sure that I as well look flawless all the time. 🙂 Flawless it is. The foundation is buildable light to medium coverage and it is truly skin like with a bit of glow. Once applied and dries down, especially if you set with a bit of powder, it doesn’t move for 14 hours. Yes, I tested it! It is also mostly natural ingredients and it has a very slight scent, mostly of the ingredients it contains. Truly amazing!


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Tom Ford – Soleil Neige Quads – Wow!!


Tom Ford dropped his Holiday collection which included these 3 gorgeous eye shadow quads. I love them so much!! Tom Ford, Tom Ford!! Wow!



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Who’s ready for a vacation?


I’m officially on vacation!! Yes!!! So naturally I had to go overboard with the glitter as a sign of celebration and solidarity with the Christmas spirit. Yes, you guessed it: Tati eye shadow palette glitter and Smith & Cult nail polish in Ceremony of Secrets – a stunning metallic rose gold shade. So inappropriate for the office! But I’m always pushing limits with fashion and it seems that people are not only used to it with me but also expect it. Go figure!!

So, who’s going to Dubai?! Singapore?! Aspen?! Me, me and me!!! We’ll figure out the order of occurrence as we go…

Can’t wait to be away for a bit!!

Hurry home to pack now…


My best “Asta la vista, baby!” look.

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Glitter eye…Holiday sparkle


I’m not one to wear glitter as an eyeshadow but I recently acquired the new launch from Tati Westbrook and since it’s been gloomy, cloudy and rainy and since I’m actually in a good mood And a rebel, I decided to compensate with some Holiday eye looks. The Tati palette has one of the best glitter eye shadow formulas I’ve experienced. Easy to apply, just by pressing with a finger, minimal fall out and doesn’t move after application. Oh, all the compliments I received today!! So worth it!! Can you see me sparkle?!❤️


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I’m back…



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Not a glam shot…

Another hotel gym away in some strange city on a business trip…4:30am…

So no make up, no people, no worry: just me and my music. I love it!!! Yes, I know, I look like a girl. Well, I’m not! I’m a woman but may be later when I put some make up on. 😄


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By Terry glam…


It was one of those weeks that turns out to be unexpectedly and surprisingly better than forecasted although spent away from home on a business trip. Yes, I missed my things…my closet full of diversity (there is only so much I could jam into my giant suitcase) and all of my make up beauty friends to play with.

But right before I left, I picked up a new foundation primer and had a chance to test every day while on my trip. Yes, long 12-15 hrs days as when you are on a trip, you are expected to be present starting at breakfast through all day meetings and ending with dinner, drinks, etc. So basically, you put on make up around 7am and say a little prayer that it will survive until 10pm.

Because of the new primer, make up lasted all day long indeed. Perfection, please! By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra Primer is my newly found treasure. This primer is sort of magic – don’t let the mousse and creamy consistency fool you; it’s moisturizing, yet matte and comfortable on the skin. It controls shine throughout the day and prolongs the wear of your foundation. It has no scent and sinks immediately into the skin but also let’s your foundation apply smoother.

Couldn’t wait to come home and have him touch my face!! Yeah, I don’t think he cared much about my primer after that…probably even before…





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Crazy for Tom Ford…


I’m fully captivated by Tom Ford beauty products once again…of course, it has something to do with a man. It always does…And sometimes it’s even about more than one man…ok, two…two men…but that’s a larger story to tell…

Tom Ford launched his new lip glosses last week and I had to pick up a color to test out the formula. These lip glosses are amazing. High shine, not sticky and make your lips so juicy; you don’t even feel them on the lips. The scent is nice, almost resembling a cake but not in a bad way. The packaging is traditionally as sophisticated as it gets in Tom Ford fashion. I think I like them more than my favorite glosses by Pat McGrath. I picked up the shade “Wicked”, a subtle, light pinky nude. Scrumptious! Someone kiss me, please!!!




I also want to mention these two Illuminating powders that I have been obsessed with for the last couple of weeks. I picked up these duos in shades Moodlight and Incandescent. They are just beautiful! They give the skin a light from within glow. I use the dark shade as a blush and over the cheek bone and the lighter shade as a highlighter and a blush topper. A little bit goes a long way. Just stunning!

And I’m still raving about the Lash Rays mascara. It has become my go to and I’m already on my second tube.



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L’Essentiel vs Tom Ford

We have definitely proclaimed the month of August as foundation month as there have been so many new foundation releases and the excitement is rising so high that I don’t even know what to do with myself. So I’m testing quite a few of them one by one.

This week has been all about the new Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural 16 hr foundation. This product is made with 97% natural ingredients, light buildable coverage, skin like application and claims long 16 hr wear.


The foundation is beautiful and melts into your skin while giving you a slight healthy glow. It applied and spread as easy as a moisturizer and looked absolutely stunning! For the first 2.5 hrs…During hour 3 after application, all the foundation Gods quickly assemble and take your face straight to Nirvana of ugly. Your face becomes patchy and hideous. The original glow is now resembling more of a greasy disgusting bowl of soup mixed with some oatmeal which unfortunately all happens to reside right in the center of your face. Don’t even think of touching your face as it will form a deep crater that pokes into the depths of once again Nirvana of the Pitiful and Deformed. I would have been less shiny if I had buttered my face or sprayed it with some olive oil. Yep, where is the frying pan as I’m ready to be cooked!!!

So, if you’re looking for a light, natural looking and stunning foundation to wear for about 2 hours, well, that’s the one for you. If you’re going on a date which you anticipate to enjoy for longer, please, don’t wear this foundation! I made that mistake and ruined a beautiful Tom Ford shirt. No, he didn’t notice but that’s not the point, is it?

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Taking a pause…in Baccarat…


I had to share my second favorite scent. I can’t tell you what my favorite one is yet, that’s a secret.😄 But if you’ve never tried Baccarat, well, you’re missing out. Invite yourself to visit the closest Neiman Marcus and experience the scent of sophistication, elegance, life, passion and luxury in this perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Spectacular in a bottle!


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