Song of the month – May 2020

Yaaasss!!! Turn up the volume!!!

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Let’s talk about falling in love…

The look of “happy”…

Falling in love…the most romantic time of your life. Every look, every touch and every place is magical. You are floating a foot off the ground most times and the little warmth in your belly almost never goes away. You get a little tingle throughout your body every time his name pops on your phone screen. His presence takes your breath away. You feel slightly dumb and giddy when he’s around and you have no idea why but you don’t hate it. Ahh, the beauty of falling in love…

But today I had a thought: is it actually possible and realistic to trust that feeling in times like these? An unprecedented environment where we are astonished by the eerie situation. When we fear the unknown or the duration of our isolation and seclusion not to mention the consequences of the whole ordeal. Do you trust your heart to be completely unaffected or has it been tarnished by the situation and our new normal?

In other words: if you had met the same guy 6 months ago, would you have falling in love with him the same?

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Day 40 isolation – Friday workout # 435667

Don’t know about you, but when I have no clue on what to do with myself, I throw myself into a workout. An intense one. Like today! I hate today! Don’t know what day it is…but I hate it! Except for the workout!

And I really need a hair trim!!! Not sure if my weight gain is muscle or just hair at this point.

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Summer is here…I’m happy…sort of…

Trained hard today…

It was one of those days that once you go outside the sun smacks you over the head just to point out how idiotic of you to have stayed indoors all day long.

It’s 4pm and it’s hot. Bearable but hot. I breath in the jasmine infused air and take in all the green beauty surrounding me. And I run…I run for a while…longer than usually considering I’m not a runner. Because it’s so boring to run without a destination in mind. I mean, what’s the point, right? But it’s different today. It feels like summer. And I feel free. Somewhat free of my burdensome thoughts that usually slow me down or annoyingly chime in just to point out that my brain is still there and active. The thing never just shuts the Hell up! “Grateful”, it whispered. “You should be grateful!”, it said again. Something it never does: points out the beauty in my life. The things I have so many other people would die to have. Because it likes to entertain me with problems to solve and issues to handle. Usually, my brain will just diminish me and ridicule me and sometimes well deserved…laughing at how idiotic my affairs of the heart are, how moronically romantic I can be over a boy…

But not today…today my mind told me to be grateful. And who am I not to listen to my boss, right?!

Ah, that’s ok! Tomorrow is another day…I’m sure my brain will find a way to fuck it up again for me…

So I’m going to enjoy today…

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No make up look – Product of the day

Fresh faced but glowing…

No Zoom meetings today. No face to face interaction with anyone actually. So I decided I’ll take advantage of this and not even bother with any make up but just make myself presentable enough so I can stand my reflection in any one of the multiple mirrors around my house.

So after applying my morning skin care routine, I used the Sisley Lumiere concealing pen. I love this product! It’s light, blend able and luminous coverage -just perfect. I used to apply it when I would go to the gym but…well, you know, we are stuck at home now. I applied under eyes where I have some darkness to cover and spot concealed around my nose and a bit in the middle of my forehead. It sets pretty fast without leaving you greasy yet gives a light glow. Just beautiful!!

Sisley Stylo Lumiere Highlighter pen in # 1 Pearl
25% off on Neiman Marcus site today.
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Sunday with Nutella and chocolate crepes…Treat day…

Since we’ve been working out and eating clean the whole week, Sundays have become days that we mess it all up just so we can start over on Monday. Ugh! Sunday is treat day!!! Yeesss!!!

Yes, Juicy Couture sweatsuit in blue!! Told ya I have quite a few…
No make up, Fresh faced, just my skincare…Ready for a lazy Sunday…Let’s order the chocolate crepes!!!

Not so quiet but lazy dinner. Postmates to the rescue with some dinner and my favorite – Belgian chocolate and Nutella covered crepes with some fresh bananas and strawberries. And yes, I had the larger one. The boy struggled with the small one. And he’s twice my size. Go figure!!!Treat day!!!

I also do an overnight hair treatment on Sundays by applying this treatment oil by Ava from mid length all the way to the ends of my hair and then I gather it all in a bun. When you wake up, the oil would be absorbed by your hair and once you wash it, a soft, shiny, frizz free hair is revealed. I order mine nowadays on Amazon as hair salons are closed but I have been repurchasing this product for years. And no, I don’t dare cutting my own hair…not yet, at least…

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Day 34 in isolation…Saturday is for workouts and movies. And chocolate…😄

Upper body day…
But we also went for a run…another beautiful day…and 6 ft of separation.

We need a good doomsday movie for tonight. I have lots of ideas…🤣

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Soleil Neige Day…Tom Ford – just because…

Fancy Friday…or does it really matter anymore?!
Tom Ford Soleil Neige eye shadow palette

It’s not just the Zoom meetings today, I just needed the distraction. The moment in time when I just don’t think about anything and just play with make up. That’s my meditation, you know?! So I wanted a bold eye…a night appropriate eye look but it didn’t really matter. Because it’s not like I’ll be attending an event later or in the few weeks or months anyway. So bold eye it is. I have all 3 limited edition Tom Ford quads released with the Soleil Neige collection. I absolutely adore all of them! This one is the Soleil Neige one and it contains the darkest shades. So we went with it.

In fact, I have quite a few Tom Ford quads and I fall in love with every one of them when I use them. Sometimes I can’t wait to do my make up just so I can play with one of them. Get at least one if you don’t own any! I especially like the wet/dry formula. Sophisticated shimmer, blends with no effort, lasts all day. Beautiful!!

ByTerry Foundation and setting powder.
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Work out progress – Day 31 of Social Distancing

Full Body work out day and of course my daily run – I’m fairly certain I’m still sane due to my daily 2 hr workout.

Still buzzing from my Zoom meeting…Gorgeous Day: sun filled, bird chirping, air filled with jasmine afternoon and not a single soul around. Not sure anymore if it’s creepy or nice.

On a good note – hand sanitizer and toilet paper is back in stock. The Eco friendly crap they sell now as toilet paper is the only option but we can’t be choosy, right?! I have to find a use for that thing as my paper towels are definitely softer. I’m fairly certain a coffee filter is as well.

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Pretty in peach…What day is this?

I think I’ll start assigning a make up look to each day just so I can differentiate them from one another. Depending on the favorite make up product of the day. For example, I’ll refer to today as the “Viseart Apricotine palette” day. If I want to recall what happened last Monday, I’ll just say: “Oh, the Tom Ford glow drops and Soleil Neige Eye Shadow” day. I think I have a better chance of recollection of events but also bring some joy in my mind by association with make up. As make up always does the trick if you need a pick me up. And who doesn’t nowadays?!

So yes, let’s start with the eye. I used the Viseart Petite Pro 4 Apricotine palette. This little guy is just amazing. I’ve never met a Viseart palette I don’t like, but this is my first time using this one, although I’ve had for a while, and I’m completely satisfied. Shocker!! Beginner friendly formula as it applies by itself, no fallout, amazing pigmentation, just perfection in a tiny little palette. Suitable if you just want to try the Viseart formula and you do not own any of their big ones. You’ll fully understand why this brand is preferred by professional make up artist and loved by beauty bloggers.

I applied the Aqua foundation by Koh Gen Do which I’ve only used a few times last year when I purchased it and was not a big fan. I’m actually changing my mind today: yes, it’s very light coverage, not buildable and very watery consistency but it laid smoothly on my skin and looking ok. Sisley concealer paired with a bit of Tom Ford concealer. Working combo! Good to know!

For a blush a used another one that I love – the product, not so much the packaging as it reminds me of a soap. Not cute!!! But the dual side pan of this CoverFX blush has a satin blush and a topper. I picked the peach one. It applies like a dream.

And to finish the look, I picked a nice peachy nude lip: Sisley lip pencil in nude, Charlotte Tillbery lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” and a Pat McGrath gloss in “Love Potion”. Love Potion – Yess!! I’m hoping to get lucky tonight!! Where is my prince and can he sweep me off my feet and romance the Hell out of me?! I think he could if he brings me some hand sanitizer!!!

And we’re ready to…absolutely nothing!! Not even a Zoom meeting today. I’m about to start randomly FaceTiming people just so the efforts and the make up are not completely wasted.

Or sometimes, you just need to feel pretty and make up does that to a girl! But still, where is the freaking prince to romance you when you need him?! And why isn’t he bringing hand sanitizer?!

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Sunday with Pat McGrath…

Pat McGrath foundation, powder, concealer, under eye setting powder and eye shadow palette

Controversial opinion on the Foundation and loose powder but I absolutely love them. Especially when used together. Light but perfecting coverage. The new concealer/under eye powder are divine. One of the best in my collection. The concealer is high medium coverage, doesn’t crease or move. Once set with the special powder it becomes smooth and brighter. You only need a little bit to cover darkness or imperfections.

Complexion products.

I decided to go extra special and smokey with the eyes because I may be covering my mouth and nose. So I used another one of her Mothership palettes – Mothership III. Doesn’t disappoint. Those never do.

I call this a good make up day.

Tom Ford + Sisley lip balm just to moisturize the lip and give a light pinky hint of color.
See, that’s why we needed the bold eye look. Venturing outside…
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One rainy Pat McGrath Day…

Raining again…so just to make it interesting, I pulled out the Mothership I Sublime – one of Pat McGraths large eye shadow palettes. Not my favorite one but I love them all so – one of my favorites.

Pat McGrath Eye shadow palette, ByTerry foundation and Sisley Loose powder – doesn’t get better than that!!!

I just wanted to feel fancy. Not for my Zoom meeting in the morning but just because I needed to feel special and pretty. I am not encouraging anyone to spend $125 on an eye shadow palette but if you are a make up enthusiast and you don’t own at least one of these, you definitely haven’t tried the best. There is no going back from Pat’s eye shadows. You also find the 4 special shades in the large palette- amazing duo chrome and sparkle. Can’t compare to anything else!!!

And this ByTerry foundation- her newest creation- Wow!! I haven’t been able to stop wearing it ever since I received it a few weeks ago. It creates a perfect canvas yet undetectable on the skin as if you are not wearing anything. It has become my favorite foundation!!

Created a soft smoky look. Zoom appropriate yet fun!!

And a black Juicy Couture sweat suit makes an appearance. I had forgotten how comfy these are!! Why did we ever stop wearing them?! I’m motivated to bring them back.
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Shopping my make up collection – forgotten loves…

My shirt says “This wasn’t built overnight” 😄

It’s raining. And I don’t mind it. I love the rain! And even if it wasn’t raining, it’s not like I can go to a mall and pick up some new make up. And in my case, even if malls were opened, I probably don’t need to. As while I was organizing my enormous make up collection today, I discovered products I own but either haven’t used in a while or never. Like this beautiful “Cheerleaders” palette by Benefit cosmetics. It contains the famous “Hoola” bronzer which I used to adore, a darker shade bronzer, a blush in pale peach, a blush topper and the dazzling “Cookie” highlighter that all the beauty bloggers went crazy over when it came out last year. Yep, I bought it probably a year ago and never even tried it. So today is the day to do so.

What else does a girl have to do on a Thursday morning?!

The “Hoola” bronzer is as good as I remember it but to be quite honest, I have upgraded to better ones now and there are a few that I prefer. Like Tom Ford’s Terra Or Sisley’s. What surprised me the most was actually the blusher and the blush topper. They are quite amazing! The Cookie highlighter is just ok in my opinion. Yes, it’s quite blingy but once again I have many other ones that are way better. Like the Artist Couture ones. If you want to dazzle, get those powders. All of my Chanel limited edition ones are also better in quality.

Overall a good pallet though and I will continue using.

Since the blusher from the Benefit palette was a pretty peach shade and Spring is in the air, I went along with the peach theme. Used one of the duos from Tom Ford for the eye. The easiest and quickest eye make up look you can create. The duo consists of a cream base and a sparkly shadow topper. It took about a minute to apply both. Topped it off with the Hourglass mascara and Voila! When does my Zoom meeting start? I’d like to see how this looks on camera!! Haha

I applied Surratt’s Dew Drop foundation in shade #3. Light coverage, very natural on the skin.
And yes, I changed into a professional peach colored blouse before my Zoom meeting.
Sisley lipstick in # 8
Smile for the camera!!!
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Day 25 isolation – work out progresssss!!

Feeling good and strong!!

It’s not ideal that I haven’t been able to go to a real gym in 25 days but it really couldn’t be an excuse for not working out. So I’m making it happen. But I miss my gym fanatic friends! When is this thing going to end?!

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Ready, Set…Zoom…

Of course, I changed my shirt before I started my Zoom meeting…

I only had 45 min to get ready for my Zoom meeting today. And that’s including shower and drying and styling my hair. I don’t know why I was thinking I can do something that normally takes an hour and forty five in 45 min. I mean, it takes 30 min only for the shower and the hair. I have so much hair to dry!!! So a challenge was presented. And every time there is a challenge, an opportunity hides itself in disguise. So I decided I may as well make it fun. I decided that instead of thinking about my selection of products I would normally pick to create my daily look, which takes time because I have to cohesively match to my outfit, the event, the weather, the season and my mood, I will just instinctively pick whatever first comes to mind. Thus accomplishing a few simple tasks: I would probably instinctively pick the easiest to apply, natural and best looking make up from my collection. And also, save me about an hour from the process.

By Terry Foundation and setting powder- natural, light, undetectable coverage. Your skin but better!

So here is the result:

Base: I used primer, foundation and Setting powder by By Terry. For concealer: Pat McGRATH’s new concealer is just perfection and new to my collection. Buffed with Sisley’s loose powder.

Eyes: Tom Ford’s quad in “Nude Dip”, Tom Fords Mascara Lash Rays

Blush: Sisley in Orchidee; Bronzer: Tom Ford in Terra

Highlighter: Chanel limited edition Winter 2019 collection

Lips: Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford!!!

And that’s it, folks!!! The perfect, simple, elegant, Zoom appropriate make up look.

Tom Ford bronzer in Terra
Tom Ford lipstick in Quiver – always comfortable on the lips
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