Thoughts…December 30th, 2020

As we approach the end of this year, I have been thinking more about the lessons learned. Or at least that’s the right thing to say…Because let’s be honest here, it’s the most bizarre year of our lives. Really awful for a lot of people, very challenging for most…I’ve never considered myself lucky but I thank the Universe because in spite of the hint of twilight zone existence, this year has not been necessarily bad for me. Since I like to utilize time in a most productive way, I found myself saving lots of it by the forced elimination of business travel, commute and preparation for meetings, business lunches and especially business events and dinners. Yes, I have always enjoyed those in the past…but since obsolete, I replaced those with finding peace…Peace in workouts at my schedule, reading books, renovating my house and even cooking the occasional meal. (Ok, I didn’t change my personality completely 😄). Re-evaluated some relationships; elevated some as “worthy” status and unloaded the ones which don’t bring joy or value to my life. Because I truly do not need 2000 “friends” in my life. I only need the ones who truly care.

I’m not going to say “Good Bye” to 2020 with ferocious hatred in my heart and enter joyfully 2021 with empty hope this time…Because I did this at the end of 2019…and look what happened!! Instead, I’ll try to continue appreciating each day, keep my closest friends and family around. Because, we don’t know what tomorrow brings…

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2 Responses to Thoughts…December 30th, 2020

  1. colleenmcl0430 says:

    Bravo Desi………….”change” is good.
    Remember……”Faith sees best in the dark.”
    We’ve both had some “dark” times this year, but through those dark times, we find faith in tomorrow… in 2021.
    I have always hated New Year’s. Saying good-bye to a year makes me sad, and entering a new year scares the hell out of me.
    I am going to try also to enter 2021 with renewed hope.
    Happy New Year, Desi. xo

    • Desi Stark says:

      You are amazing!!! I’m always so happy when you send me a note. On YouTube too!!
      From the bottom of my heart, I wish for you laughter and smiles and happiness in the new year and all future years to come. These are not the last days of this year, they are the first days of our lives. 😄

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