Double Indemnity…not the movie😄

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this palette. I’m referring to the Tom Ford “Double Indemnity” eyeshadow quad. Last night, it was pure love. I usually form an opinion about makeup quite quickly, just like with people, but sometimes even I’m wrong. Or at least, somewhere there in my deep, deep layers of my subconscious lays the truth, I just occasionally choose to ignore my instincts. And we’re no longer talking about makeup…

So let’s go back to this palette: it’s gorgeous! The faded, subtle green shade is spectacular. One that you cannot find elsewhere. The black shade looks deceivingly shimmery in the pan. Once applied, it’s more matte and not quite pigmented. I like that!

At first glance, this is more of an evening palette, but like I always say: “There are no rules in makeup” and the palette is actually quite versatile. Love!!💛

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