My 50 day challenge – Day 0

Because, I guess, I am not busy enough, I decided that I’ll start a challenge. Actually, it’s just the opposite- I’m working on so many projects right now, that I literally have no time to take a breath, pause and think. And of course, that’s the idea, right?! Because, when you want to create or get rid of some habits, you keep yourself busy/distracted until the new habit is formed. In my case, I just need to form 1 new habit: stop thinking about that one thing that we don’t talk about anymore…So, I’ll pack my days with so many activities, that I have not even a second left to think about that one thing we don’t talk about anymore…

So here is my 50 day challenge (yes, it takes 50 days to form or get rid of a habit, not 21!!): I’ll amp up my training routine. Not that is easy now, but I mean, really amp it up. To the max!!! 6 days a week, 1.5 hr workouts with the appropriate diet accompanying the ritual just to make it fun. So this time: we’re really getting ripped!!!

A few other notable mentions:

1. Absolutely no sugar of any form (yes, this includes no fruit) Ouch!!!

2. No alcohol either (not that I consume a lot of it anyway). We’re ok here!!

3. Wake up at 6am and in bed by 10:30pm and actually try to sleep for more than 7 hrs. This is a tough one for me, considering I normally need about 5-6 hrs of sleep. Yeah, ok!! I’ll try!!!

4. Work on my other projects – all of them – daily.

5. And of course, continue to dazzle at my current profession!!! I think it’s time for another promotion!!! 🤔

6. Disconnect from everything for full 6 hours on Sundays. No computers, no phones, no people!!! Good luck with this one, Desi!!! 😄

So here is my starting point. We’ll compare in 50 days.

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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