Unlocked by Hourglass…

Unlocked mascara by Hourglass – Professional look suitable…
Wearing “Unlocked” mascara yesterday…
“Unlocked” today…and workout time!!

The new Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara arrived a few days ago. And I was excited because I absolutely adore the other one by Hourglass – Caution Extreme Lash.

I’ve been wearing the Unlocked for 2 days and here are my thoughts: if you are looking for a mascara to give you that natural but long waspy look of your lashes – ok, that’s the one for you. It does curl a bit as well. I personally prefer lots of volume as well in addition to length and curl. Yes, I know, I want too much. But do I? Because the Caution one gives you all of that.

Here are the positives on the Unlocked vs Caution (old one): the new “Unlocked” is not advertised as a tubing mascara but it actually is, meaning the only thing needed to be removed is a splash of water and it comes off in minuscule tubes. Love! The “Caution” mascara, although giving that glam “I’m here!” look of your lashes also unfortunately takes a whole episode of “The West Wing” to be removed.

Here are the positives on both: the dry down is complete but not too quick so it gives you ample time to apply the desired buildable 2-3 coats. It doesn’t flake, smudge or change in anyway throughout the day. Fab, right!!

I think if you are a professional woman like me, both of these have a place in your make up routine. The new “Unlocked” is fantastic for those work days you will actually be seeing people, I’m thinking video conferencing. The “Caution”, well, this one, I’m sure your man/partner would much appreciate!!

“Hello, I’m here!” Caution mascara

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