Summer vibes…

For the last 4-5 months I have completely changed my skin care routine with the pleasant side affect of looking 10 years younger. Not mad about that!!!

If you haven’t heard of a company called Biologique Recharge, it’s because the brand markets and sells only to certain high end spas in the world. But I discovered it in the beginning of this year, started with one product and never looked back. Yes, it’s expensive but for skin care junkies like me – totally worth it!

I started with their most famous product – the Lotion P50 1970. It’s a toning lotion which has exfoliating and balancing properties. I call it “a miracle in a bottle”. it comes in different variations, from mild to strong depending on the sensitivity of your skin. I’ve obviously ventured into a plethora of their other products, but this one is what got me all hooked on the brand.

Biologique Recharge Lotion P50 1970

The 2nd thing I bought was the cleanser Lait U. I love this product. It’s gentle, removes all debris without drying your skin. I start my day with it. Love!!!

Face wash cleanser

I have to say that I have completely transformed my skin within the last 3 months – fine lines disappeared, no break outs, smooth, glowing skin. Yes, they call it the Biologique Recharge glow!!!

I’m never going back!!!

No, it’s not make up…it’s that Biologique Recharge glow!!

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