Waiving the white flag…today only…

I will allow myself to give up today…today only. No work outs, no negotiations, no strategy, no planning for the future, no fight left in me…today and today only. Yes, I’ll do it with dignity and style. But I figure, sometimes regardless of how badly you want something, it’s just not going to happen. Sad lesson for me, as I’ve always believed in the contrary. Some lessons come with a high emotional expense and a price tag and they last you paying off forever. Some things are meant to be left unfinished and probably not worth fighting for at all. I wish a sign was given in advance…

Is it breaking my spirit? Absolutely not!! It just makes me think that I can’t control everything…and that’s ok. I’m sure there is a good reason behind it.

World, I want to be left alone today…just today!!! Please, go away!!!

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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1 Response to Waiving the white flag…today only…

  1. srijan says:

    i guess we all have such days. you’re really pretty and well, just cute. i liked reading you. 🙂

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