Soleil Neige Day…Tom Ford – just because…

Fancy Friday…or does it really matter anymore?!
Tom Ford Soleil Neige eye shadow palette

It’s not just the Zoom meetings today, I just needed the distraction. The moment in time when I just don’t think about anything and just play with make up. That’s my meditation, you know?! So I wanted a bold eye…a night appropriate eye look but it didn’t really matter. Because it’s not like I’ll be attending an event later or in the few weeks or months anyway. So bold eye it is. I have all 3 limited edition Tom Ford quads released with the Soleil Neige collection. I absolutely adore all of them! This one is the Soleil Neige one and it contains the darkest shades. So we went with it.

In fact, I have quite a few Tom Ford quads and I fall in love with every one of them when I use them. Sometimes I can’t wait to do my make up just so I can play with one of them. Get at least one if you don’t own any! I especially like the wet/dry formula. Sophisticated shimmer, blends with no effort, lasts all day. Beautiful!!

ByTerry Foundation and setting powder.

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