Pretty in peach…What day is this?

I think I’ll start assigning a make up look to each day just so I can differentiate them from one another. Depending on the favorite make up product of the day. For example, I’ll refer to today as the “Viseart Apricotine palette” day. If I want to recall what happened last Monday, I’ll just say: “Oh, the Tom Ford glow drops and Soleil Neige Eye Shadow” day. I think I have a better chance of recollection of events but also bring some joy in my mind by association with make up. As make up always does the trick if you need a pick me up. And who doesn’t nowadays?!

So yes, let’s start with the eye. I used the Viseart Petite Pro 4 Apricotine palette. This little guy is just amazing. I’ve never met a Viseart palette I don’t like, but this is my first time using this one, although I’ve had for a while, and I’m completely satisfied. Shocker!! Beginner friendly formula as it applies by itself, no fallout, amazing pigmentation, just perfection in a tiny little palette. Suitable if you just want to try the Viseart formula and you do not own any of their big ones. You’ll fully understand why this brand is preferred by professional make up artist and loved by beauty bloggers.

I applied the Aqua foundation by Koh Gen Do which I’ve only used a few times last year when I purchased it and was not a big fan. I’m actually changing my mind today: yes, it’s very light coverage, not buildable and very watery consistency but it laid smoothly on my skin and looking ok. Sisley concealer paired with a bit of Tom Ford concealer. Working combo! Good to know!

For a blush a used another one that I love – the product, not so much the packaging as it reminds me of a soap. Not cute!!! But the dual side pan of this CoverFX blush has a satin blush and a topper. I picked the peach one. It applies like a dream.

And to finish the look, I picked a nice peachy nude lip: Sisley lip pencil in nude, Charlotte Tillbery lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” and a Pat McGrath gloss in “Love Potion”. Love Potion – Yess!! I’m hoping to get lucky tonight!! Where is my prince and can he sweep me off my feet and romance the Hell out of me?! I think he could if he brings me some hand sanitizer!!!

And we’re ready to…absolutely nothing!! Not even a Zoom meeting today. I’m about to start randomly FaceTiming people just so the efforts and the make up are not completely wasted.

Or sometimes, you just need to feel pretty and make up does that to a girl! But still, where is the freaking prince to romance you when you need him?! And why isn’t he bringing hand sanitizer?!

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