One rainy Pat McGrath Day…

Raining again…so just to make it interesting, I pulled out the Mothership I Sublime – one of Pat McGraths large eye shadow palettes. Not my favorite one but I love them all so – one of my favorites.

Pat McGrath Eye shadow palette, ByTerry foundation and Sisley Loose powder – doesn’t get better than that!!!

I just wanted to feel fancy. Not for my Zoom meeting in the morning but just because I needed to feel special and pretty. I am not encouraging anyone to spend $125 on an eye shadow palette but if you are a make up enthusiast and you don’t own at least one of these, you definitely haven’t tried the best. There is no going back from Pat’s eye shadows. You also find the 4 special shades in the large palette- amazing duo chrome and sparkle. Can’t compare to anything else!!!

And this ByTerry foundation- her newest creation- Wow!! I haven’t been able to stop wearing it ever since I received it a few weeks ago. It creates a perfect canvas yet undetectable on the skin as if you are not wearing anything. It has become my favorite foundation!!

Created a soft smoky look. Zoom appropriate yet fun!!

And a black Juicy Couture sweat suit makes an appearance. I had forgotten how comfy these are!! Why did we ever stop wearing them?! I’m motivated to bring them back.

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