Shopping my make up collection – forgotten loves…

My shirt says “This wasn’t built overnight” 😄

It’s raining. And I don’t mind it. I love the rain! And even if it wasn’t raining, it’s not like I can go to a mall and pick up some new make up. And in my case, even if malls were opened, I probably don’t need to. As while I was organizing my enormous make up collection today, I discovered products I own but either haven’t used in a while or never. Like this beautiful “Cheerleaders” palette by Benefit cosmetics. It contains the famous “Hoola” bronzer which I used to adore, a darker shade bronzer, a blush in pale peach, a blush topper and the dazzling “Cookie” highlighter that all the beauty bloggers went crazy over when it came out last year. Yep, I bought it probably a year ago and never even tried it. So today is the day to do so.

What else does a girl have to do on a Thursday morning?!

The “Hoola” bronzer is as good as I remember it but to be quite honest, I have upgraded to better ones now and there are a few that I prefer. Like Tom Ford’s Terra Or Sisley’s. What surprised me the most was actually the blusher and the blush topper. They are quite amazing! The Cookie highlighter is just ok in my opinion. Yes, it’s quite blingy but once again I have many other ones that are way better. Like the Artist Couture ones. If you want to dazzle, get those powders. All of my Chanel limited edition ones are also better in quality.

Overall a good pallet though and I will continue using.

Since the blusher from the Benefit palette was a pretty peach shade and Spring is in the air, I went along with the peach theme. Used one of the duos from Tom Ford for the eye. The easiest and quickest eye make up look you can create. The duo consists of a cream base and a sparkly shadow topper. It took about a minute to apply both. Topped it off with the Hourglass mascara and Voila! When does my Zoom meeting start? I’d like to see how this looks on camera!! Haha

I applied Surratt’s Dew Drop foundation in shade #3. Light coverage, very natural on the skin.
And yes, I changed into a professional peach colored blouse before my Zoom meeting.
Sisley lipstick in # 8
Smile for the camera!!!

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