Ran out of… – Day 21

Shoot me! Shoot me now!!

I ran out of positive thoughts. I usually have a good supply of them but I guess after running around trying to keep everyone else sane and positive, not to mention all the hunting for disinfectant and toilet paper, I had forgotten to correctly inventory my personal supply of positivity. So in order to quickly change this and before I accidentally shoot myself between conference calls, a change in scenery is recommended.

So I traveled the 52 mi south to “the country”. It’s peaceful here. More than that, even a bit eerie with a touch of “WTF is happening?”. But everything is large, new and clean. Green and spring like everywhere, blossoming jasmine and lilac with lots of space to run and workout without a single soul around. And that’s exactly what I need right now in order to fix myself. Alone time. Really, Desi?!

Best part – my house is completely germ and virus free as it has been unoccupied for a while. What a thrill!!! And yes, I get to play dress up with some of the clothes I had left behind. I found about 9 Juicy Couture outfits. Remember the brand “Juicy Couture”? They were very famous for making those comfy sweatsuits. Well, I have them in every color imaginable.

So, I guess I’ll stick around for a bit…Yes, I’m escaping if you will, because it feels like the Sky is falling and I wouldn’t want to do anything moronic, like call my ex to ask him to come over and move my furniture around. That would really put me in trouble. Yep, I’m one of a kind idiot when it comes to that guy. I’m still looking for a few pieces of my heart since last year so wasn’t ready to give him another shot at ripping it apart again. People do stupid things when thinking the end is coming…So I’ll be here, away from the bad guy and the good guy. Just fashionably outfitted in my Juicy Couture! 😄

Juicy Couture in white. Blast from the past outfit…Can you stand it?!

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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