Day 14 – Confessions under quarantine…

My best: “I’m so surprised you’re taking a pic of me” look. But I still want to look cute…

Paid a visit to my doctor today. Just needed a reason to go outside so thought a doctor’s office may be safe to visit. “Not pregnant”, he said. “That’s good news!”, I sounded almost surprised.

Going back home…Again…Yes, I’ve somewhat adapted to the new lifestyle of not dressing up, not putting any make up on, not applying lipstick throughout the day, not selecting my outfit while drinking my first coffee early in the morning, not strutting up and down the stairs in my 4 inch heels…Oh, I miss it all soooo much!!!

And what’s with all the romantic home cooked dinners?! Ok, once it’s romantic. But by the 3rd time I just wanted to shove it all on a tray, sit in front of the TV and watch the new episode of “Shark Tank”. In silence…

And I’m still thinking about that heartless douchbag from last year. The one I’m pretending I’m not in love with anymore. The one I’m so desperately trying to forget.

I’ve changed my nail color 4 times within the last 10 days. My skin looks absolutely phenomenal due to twice daily masking and pampering and may be the solid 7-8 hours of sleeping, not to mention power napping late afternoon. I considered meditation but thought that would be pushing my limits. I didn’t want to spoil myself that much either. I may get used to it.

30 more days of this. If not extended after…We need to make a better plan on how to better utilize the time. Hey, may be, I learn how to crochet! Hahahaha

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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