Are we there yet? Self-Quarantine – Day 5

I venture into the world again today. Outside. The air is filled with the very pronounced aroma of jasmine and fear. I’m strutting hastily across the parking lot carrying my own anti-virus shield of Tom Ford perfume – “Oud Minerale”. I’m relying on the delusional presumption that the virus has more of a pedestrian taste and will ignore everything elegant. The scent makes me happy as its clean sophistication brings back memories of civilization. A world where I would wear a suit or a chic but professional dress and a pair of St Laurent heels. A world where hand sanitizer is not as rare as an Hermès Birkin bag.

I’m not a person who scares easily – I’ve survived communism in Bulgaria, the very dark mafia dominated years after that, moved completely on my own across the world and built a new life in the US. I’ve built a successful business, climbed in the Corporate world and learned a bunch of languages. While still maintaining my sanity, might I add. But this is just eerie! What’s going on now…it’s just eerie! I’m typing as we speak on a tiny little device and in just a matter of seconds, you all can see it. I can hear a friend’s voice or even see their face on the other side of the world, live, anytime I want to. We have invented the most miraculous and fascinating products within the last 30 years. But today, we are all hiding in seclusion in our own homes, shaking scared from a virus!!! Really?! Can anyone comprehend this??!!

On a positive note. I took advantage of the fact that I’ll be roaming the outside, so I created a festive peachy nude make up look today with one of my Viseart eye shadow palettes.

Practicing social distancing in my car.
We’re ok! Let’s go home!

Home again…where it’s safe. I can’t wait for this thing to be over. Are we there yet?

We decided we’re bindgewatching something today. But I think we’ve seen it…

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