Social distancing…Day 3 – Who’s freaking out?!

4 days ago – This is the last day I wore make up.

I miss those days…the days you could make yourself pretty, apply make up, brush your hair and roam freely at the mall or have a quiet, romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Ah, the good old days! Ok, that was only 4 days ago but OMG! can we please, be saved from this prison of a nightmare?! Adjusting to isolation is an impossibility for people like me – extreme extroverts that is. Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally voluntarily seclude myself to spending some alone time as sometimes people can start annoying me with their stupidity but forced into “social distancing” is terrible! And how quickly did we come up with this term – “social distancing”?! Was there some guy just sitting on it only to find a suitable environment to slip onto?! What a sick mind!! On a good note – I think we’re about 3 weeks away from seeing everyone’s natural hair color.

And working out alone is not fun! I have all the cute outfits in the world and now it doesn’t matter – no one around me to see them or inspire me. The usual group of gym fanatics I was getting used to seeing every night is not around. I miss them so much!!

Also, I am so freaked out that by the time this all goes away, all of my make up will expire. Most liquid make up, once opened, has a shelf life of about 9-12 months. I’ve curated quite the precious collection of beauty products – I’d hate to see them all go to waste.

Memories – last gym photo from 4 days ago.

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