Airplane makeup…

I travel a lot on business…I’m constantly on a plane or in a car. I’ve noticed that whenever I take a flight somewhere, my make up routine and prep changes. Airplanes are a microcosm when it comes to air quality and thus you need to adjust accordingly. It’s dry air and temperature changes drastically. I usually choose make up that is lighter but moisturizing and long lasting at the same time. I pick a foundation or a CC cream that is more matte but hydrates as well. Also, High SPF is a must because there is always light poking through one of the windows. My favorite travel foundation is actually a CC cream by It Cosmetics. It has an SPF of 50, it’s moisturizing but not overly and it’s long lasting. And also, for a CC cream, the coverage is solid medium. Just perfect!

I also like one of my old favorites – La Prairie cushion foundation with SPF 25. I’ve been using this one for years and it’s my daily go to if I’m not testing any other foundations. It just doesn’t budge and it’s infused with La Prairie’s caviar anti-aging properties, although I’m not sure if you can actually get anti-aging benefits from a foundation. But it doesn’t hurt now, does it?!

Here I am, stuck on a plane, in my It CC cream. Mr. Pilot, can we please, take off now?! I have a meeting at 12pm in Vegas. Are we there yet?

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