Nude Dip…

I woke up unmotivated and exhausted. Not sure why and to be frank, I didn’t care. I just wanted to get through the day. I knew if I manage to drag my ass into the shower, I could jolt myself out of my mini coma with my usual trick – a scolding hot followed by icy cold bursts of water. It didn’t exactly produce the desired affect but “aces for the attempt”, I told myself. Oh, good: I still have my sense of humor!! The newscasters on TV kept on annoyingly discussing and briefing yesterday’s SuperBowl game. I cared even less, although JLo’s outfits during Halftime show were an absolute killer!! I tried not to think about anything but my brain’s disobedience is sometimes epic and kept on bringing up shit from last year. Shit I’m trying to forget! Shit I dreamt about all night long…

I pushed it all to the side and decided I have the remaining of the day to be grumpy. Now it was time to pick my outfit and best part – my make up look. Ok, teal cashmere and leather skirt. And Chanel…lots of Chanel! Just because…well, it’s freaking Chanel!!!

It took only about a minute to decide on the eye look – it had to be a Tom Ford eye, specifically the “Nude Dip” eye shadow quad. Only because it’s easy and classy.

2 cups of coffee later and some effort, I was ready to head out to the office. 15 min later and the hustle of the day took me…

Yes, if you have to pick one eye shadow quad from Tom Ford to create a neutral but sophisticated look, that’s the one you get – “Nude Dip” always makes you feel very special even if the rest of the world is too stupid to do so.

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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