By Terry glam…


It was one of those weeks that turns out to be unexpectedly and surprisingly better than forecasted although spent away from home on a business trip. Yes, I missed my things…my closet full of diversity (there is only so much I could jam into my giant suitcase) and all of my make up beauty friends to play with.

But right before I left, I picked up a new foundation primer and had a chance to test every day while on my trip. Yes, long 12-15 hrs days as when you are on a trip, you are expected to be present starting at breakfast through all day meetings and ending with dinner, drinks, etc. So basically, you put on make up around 7am and say a little prayer that it will survive until 10pm.

Because of the new primer, make up lasted all day long indeed. Perfection, please! By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra Primer is my newly found treasure. This primer is sort of magic – don’t let the mousse and creamy consistency fool you; it’s moisturizing, yet matte and comfortable on the skin. It controls shine throughout the day and prolongs the wear of your foundation. It has no scent and sinks immediately into the skin but also let’s your foundation apply smoother.

Couldn’t wait to come home and have him touch my face!! Yeah, I don’t think he cared much about my primer after that…probably even before…





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