The One – bronzer


Let’s face it…we’re not saving manatees here, right?! So this is not that important. But it certainly matters to some extent because bronzer is one of those make up items that you just need to have. Even if you’re not using anything else, you have to apply some bronzer just to bring some definition to your face. Finding the perfect shade of bronzer has been a mission this year. You need to find one that actually compliments your skin tone but also doesn’t seem overly noticeable. At the same time it has to be blend-able and buildable and smooth but with just the right amount of pigment. I feel like I’m asking for too much or describing the perfect man. Although I don’t know why he would be buildable. And the pigment part could be a puzzler as well…


I rotate quite a few bronzers from my collections and definitely have a few that I reach for constantly. The Sisley one has this nice almost gelled consistency that builds like a dream; the Chantecaille in shade Goa is a recent favorite as its texture is supremely fine and undetectable but gives you what you need  but the one that has captured my heart is the Soleil bronzer by Tom Ford in shade Terra. Yes, if you are to pick one to replace all others, undoubtedly, that’s the one you pick. It’s perfect for fair to medium skin tone, may be even a bit deeper if you build it. It’s the perfect shade and so soft on the skin. There is no sheen to it and melts into your skin. The compact is beautiful and it comes in two different sizes. That’s the one!


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