Damn good day…and the one…

You would think with the day I had, it was a complete waste of make up…And it was a damn good make up day too. It never translates well into a photo for me but trust me, damn good make up day! And I did the whole thing while having an intensely motivational conversation on the phone. Yep, I’m very often the designated shrink on the premises. May be that’s the trick – I shouldn’t care too much about anything and it just happens. Can I? May be I should try it…and I am no longer referring just to make up…

We have to talk about a complicated subject…well, entertainingly so. Because this one I can solve…Eyeshadow. More specifically – the one eyeshadow palette which can replace all others.

And I’m not even going to talk about all of my favorite brands for eyeshadow, like Viseart or Natasha Danona or Tom Ford or even Chanel. I’m going straight to Pat McGrath. Because nothing beats the formula of Pat McGrath if you’re looking for versatility, pigment, formulation or blend-ability. Nothing!!


I have one of those uniquely bizarre eye colors that changes between green, blue and even blue-green so what’s good for me may not necessarily work for you when applying the right shade on the eye. So I will have to go with the Mothership II Sublime palette. Because anyone can benefit from it. You can create at least two dozen different looks with this palette regardless of your eye color. I absolutely love it! That’s what I used today…yep, that’s the one!



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All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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