“The One”…

374CA529-DD24-4A1F-A0CB-86118897EC6E.jpegWe all search for “the one”…all of our lives, that’s what we do…we run around breathless and tireless, accomplishing things, reaching for our dreams and looking for “the one”…That one person that measures up to our ideal match in our heads. The one who gives us strength, comfort, love, insanity, security, desire, passion, inspiration and purpose. Is there only one perfect match out there for each of us? Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you just shoot me now?

With my luck, “the one” man for me is lost  and emotionally unavailable so it may take a while…how long am I to wait?!

Since we can debate the complexities of the human nature and matching souls for eternity without a plausible answer, I’m settling on addressing a much simpler and definitely more joyful and positive subject: “The One” in every make up category.

Today we’re talking about “The One” foundation. If you have to get rid of all of your foundations and you are allowed to have just one, which one would you pick?

Just like with men, foundation is a very specific and personal match to you, your preference, personality, life style, needs and body chemistry (skin type).

Unlike with men, I always keep about 20-25 different foundations in my collection. Depending on the occasion and or the condition of my skin, I have a choice to accommodate it: Day vs night, light vs full coverage, matte vs glow, long wearing, sunscreen containing, moisturizing, water proof, budge proof, etc. When it comes to men – well, one at a time works best but realistically sometimes an overlap may occur. It sounds bad, I know, but it happens…But my brain and heart will solely belong to one…So I try to listen…

Since the goal here is to find “the one” foundation, I have to pick one that’s somewhat perfect for it all. So I thought about it…It was not a very difficult decision – I have to go with my old time favorite, one that I’ve had for over a decade in my collection and always keep a bottle even if I do not reach for it on a daily or sometimes even monthly basis but it’s definitely the one that I can sacrifice all others for – La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15.

This foundation not only has buildable medium to full coverage but also contains an SPF of 15. Which makes it perfect for day and night. It also contains anti-aging properties and a concealer separately on top of the bottle. It applies perfectly on the skin without being too matte or shiny, just skin like. It’s long wearing and the scent is your typical subtle and elegant La Prairie scent which I adore. Yes, it’s suitable for all skin types. Perfection in a bottle.

Now, if you already own this foundation and you have found “the one” man, consider your life to be perfect!

I have to be satisfied with just owning the foundation for now…


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