The One – face primer


The obsession with finding “the one” continues…If you ask me, once again, the notion of just “one” is an idiotic and absolutely unacceptable for all of us spoiled, greedy, variety lovers of this gorgeous state of California and I’m sure many other places in the world. Yes, we like choices and thankfully we are given plenty of those. And yet, in every category, you always have one item that supersedes all other competition. One that is just perfect for you. Right?!

Today, we’re picking “The One” face primer. This becomes a bit harder as just like with men, your choice may change with time, experience, age, life demands and the ridiculous desires of your heart.

I have discovered quite a few great ones this year. No, not men, just the primers…From Tatcha’s Silk canvas, Cover FX’s Gripping Primer to Chantecaille’s SPF 45 primer, yes, all pretty amazing.

But if I have to pick just one to use forever and get rid of all others, I have to go with Sisley’s Double Tenseur. I really like it when a product has multiple benefits, in other words, it accomplishes a lot with one single application – yes, multipurpose. Because I like efficiency. The Double Tenseur is just that – it’s a primer but also has skin anti-aging and lifting benefits. Who doesn’t want to prolong the beauty of their face?! It also lays the perfect canvas to apply your foundation. It’s light and gel like with a bit of slip but has a smoothing affect as well.

Yes, definitely “the one” face primer.


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