Beautiful Saturday…

While getting ready for a lunch, I opened my BoxyCharm box. BoxyCharm is a subscription service which allows you to test 5 new products monthly delivered to your door (full size, not samples). I am testing 2 of them today.

First one is by Wonder Beauty and it’s their Illuminating Face Oil. I applied under make up and I think it’s just gorgeous. It gives the skin moisture but also a very skin like glow. Almost glass like. Beautiful!

I also received the new Tarte mascara – Big Ego. Ok, what happened here? I have the big ego but apparently also tiny lashes! It fans the lashes out quite well but where is the volume? Nope, not for me!

Bathing in the Newport Coast sun while driving to lunch.

Now we have to quickly convert from day to an evening look as I have a dinner thing. And the minute I decide to wear green, my eyes decide to turn blue. Please, cooperate! Yes, they occasionally change back and forth from green to blue. Aha, I’m an alien!

I doused myself in the Lion highlighter by Chanel in gold. It’s a limited edition but still available on the Chanel website. I love it! It transformed my face into a glamorous glow which is very appropriate for an evening look and the guy who gets to enjoy it as I have no intention of holding a mirror while dining.


Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday! And you?


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