Dancefloor Princess lips…

“What do you want?”…I’m definitely annoyed now as this guy has been tailgating me for over 5 min, honking and waiving behind me. So I am looking in my rear view mirror to see if I can read his mind. Well, I can’t…but since he is driving so closely behind me, I am considering inviting him to join me on my back seat for a chat. Seriously, what’s wrong with people? And no, I didn’t get electrecuted, that’s just my hair today. It’s disobedient and I had to go to work…:)


Anyhow, today we are reviewing the new Hot lips by Charlotte Tilbury. In case you didn’t know, Charlotte Tilbury was one of the Head Creators for Tom Ford Cosmetics and a number of years ago, she spun off and found her own brand, today’s wildly popular Charlotte Tilbury company. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of her make up line and probably shouldn’t opine here as I also do not own a lot of her products. I have to tell you though, her Lip Cheat pencil, which is oh, so famous, is well deserved of the fame as it is as good as talked about.

I picked up a few of the new lipsticks (Hot Lips) and I love their names. In the photo above, I am wearing the Dancefloor Princess – pop pink shade: a pale pink nude. It did apply nicely on the lips but it takes some work. You have to do a few sweeps to get to the desired pigmentation. It has a velvet satin finish and its not drying. I wouldn’t say that it is moisturizing either though as I noticed that my lips did not stay very hydrated during the day. It also wears off as quickly as a gloss, which does not make it for a very long wearing lipstick. The packaging is nice although a bit tacky for my taste…Overall, it is a nice lipstick, but I honestly have to say that I much prefer the Sisley, Pat McGrath or Tom Ford lip to this. I do not think I will be purchasing more shades. But people apparently love it.



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