Ride or Die – Best 3 # Moisturizers

Why is a good skin care routine important? Earth-shattering question, right?! Yes, we’re changing the world here… No, not really…Simplest answer – because we want to look as good as possible for as long as possible…we’re all vain that way! Yep, take me for example: I insist on pinning my photos even though people insist on telling me that I’m apparently not photogenic at all!


Moisturizing is a vital part of your skin care routine. I personally use a few different ones segregated into morning and evening.

Morning and before make up – Certain moisturizers that I use in the morning just sit better beneath make up. They are usually hydrating but not heavy. I prefer to have some anti aging benefits as well otherwise I would apply a serum first to address that. 3 moisturizers that perform best underneath make up for me (keep in mind that I have mostly normal and sometimes combination skin type) are: #1 Tatcha the moisture cream – sinks immediately into your skin and gives a perfectly smooth canvas for foundation. Very light and not greasy with almost a gel like consistency. #2 Charlotte Tilbury The Magic Cream – I don’t know if it’s magic but it’s quite nice underneath make up as well. You need a very little amount. #3 La Prairie Caviar Cream – I’ve been using this one for over a decade. The recently reformulated version is even better than the original. This is my Ride or Die and I always keep a jar in my collection.


Evening moisturizers- your skin cells regenerate during the night. So it makes sense to give them as much help as possible, right? This is the time to bring out the heavy artillery and pile on the most potent creams and serums you own. I’ll talk about serums in a different blog but when it comes to creams here are my best 3: #1 Sisley Sisleya – ok, this thing is pretty amazing! After prolonged usage, you actually see results. Although, I could never tell as I’m combining it with 3-4 serums. #2 La Prairie Caviar – never without and always go back to using. #3 Chanel Sublimage – another one that I have been using on and off for over a decade.

Tip: you should always apply the product with the densest consistency last. For example: apply your serums first, oils and last your creams as they are the thickest and it takes longest to absorb into the skin.

Here we go again…gym time…


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