Ride or Die – Best 3 # Evening Cleansers


My evening face wash routine is very different than my morning one as now we have to remove all the make up so the appropriate products for this purpose are to be utilized. I always do a double cleanse. Meaning: first I use an oil or a balm, which is applied on dry skin and rubbed to break your make up apart and then removed with water. After, I use another face cleanse product to wash my face again. That way you are assured that all traces of make up are completely removed.

One rule that I have followed my whole life: never go to sleep with make up on. I have never, ever broken that rule. Not even once!

Best products I love for oils and balms 1st cleanse: #1 Clinique Take the day off – I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly this year. It’s a butter consistency that turns into an almost oil once rubbed on dry skin. It breaks apart all make up including mascara. Washes away without residue or film left. It has no scent. I love it! #2 Tatcha Camellia cleanse oil – this one pumps as oil and gets the job done to break apart most of your make up but it takes just a bit more work and struggles with mascara so I have to go back in with an eye make up remover. I use the Sisley one. Generally though, it leaves your skin clean and fresh. #3 I only have one favorite for a 2nd cleanse and it is Tatcha The deep cleanse. This thing is spectacular. It is a gel consistency but it has some scrubby particles as well. Highly recommend. Sometimes I would use one of my morning cleansers as a 2nd cleanse as well.

Well, that’s it, folks! Now it’s time to slap on your face serums and moisturizers and you are ready for bed.

On the way home to do just that…


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