Ride or Die – Best 3 # Morning Cleansers


Today, Sunday, we opted for an easy no make up make up look. Sisley SPF 30 cream, a bit of the Chantecaille bronzer in shade Goa, touch of mascara and Tom Ford lipstick in Paradiso. Yes, don’t leave the house without Tom Ford on a Sunday!

I often change the products used on my face and body regardless if it’s make up, moisturizers or cleansers as I experiment quite a bit and we certainly live in an era that fortunately allows us to do so due to the incredible abundance of new or existing material. But when I find something that I like, I tend to stick with it for a while until of course something better becomes eminent. Yes, history has proven that I move on from one cosmetic product to another just as quickly or as slowly as I do from one man to another. Yes, if worth it, I hang in there for a while. But eventually, something better always comes along. I know, it sounds harsh, but you can’t hide from the truth! But there are always these Ride or Die products and of course men that I always keep in my collection and rely on to never let me down.

My morning face cleanse routine is very different from my evening one. In the morning, I use gentler, non abrasive products in the shower and I always, always wash my hair. I know, most of you ladies out there are rolling your eyes right now as most women tend to wash their hair only a few times a week. It’s acceptable, just not to me. If I have an event that night, I will wash my hair a 2nd time in the shower. Now you really think I’m just being extra, don’t you?!

Back to morning face cleansers. I rotate quite a few but I can give you my best 3 that I’ve been using for the last few months and one of them for years: #1 Drunk Elephant Beste 9 – this is the most recent addition and quickly became a favorite. It’s a light gel that doesn’t strip your skin and gentle enough to use often. It has absolutely no scent. #2 Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser – I’ve been using this one for at least a year and I love it. It’s a cream consistency and every time I use it, my skin is very soft and smooth. #3 La Prairie Foam Cleanser – I’m never without this one. I have multiple back ups and also I always keep one in my travel bag. It’s the most affective foam cleanser I’ve ever used and this one has been a ride or die for over a decade. It makes your skin squeaky clean, literally. It also tends to tighten your skin a bit so if you need a firming affect – that’s the one you want. I use it only once or twice a week though as it may strip a bit.

If I have an important event or I want my skin to look super glowing and smooth, in addition to one of these 3, I’ll do a second: this one is very special and makes your skin flawless and perfects make up application: Tatcha the Rice Polish. It’s simply incredible, you just have to try it to understand. It’s a powder that once mixed with water becomes creamy.

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