Caribbean glow and Hello, gorgeous friends!

5DE9D887-074A-46C0-A399-801ECEECB7AF.jpegBest thing about being away from home for a week on a Caribbean vacation, well in addition to the health benefits of resting and all that crap, is all the packages waiting for you at your door with all the gorgeous beauties that you’ve ordered on line including the new Pat McGrath face primer and powder. So I can’t wait to try them together with the new foundation which I already own. And since I haven’t worn any make up for a week while on vacation, I can’t wait to play with my gorgeous friends again!!!

Worst thing about a Caribbean vacation is that all of your current favorite foundations and bronzers are two shades lighter because now you are tanned and sun kissed bronzed. Or so I thought…Soon enough it occurred to me that now I have a reason to go on a make up shopping spree. Oh, who am I kidding?! I never need a reason for that! But that’s how we’re spending our Sunday afternoon.

Since I have the whole system from Pat McGrath, we’re giving it a go. Yeeesss! I get to play with make up! I’ve missed you, my gorgeous friends! Or did I already say that?!

Here are my thoughts:

The primer: it’s a gel like consistency, which feels somewhat moisturizing, light and weightless on the skin. It does absolutely nothing for smoothing, pore minimizing or blurring, which are some of the claims, but it slightly mattifies the skin. I didn’t see any benefits when applying the foundation on top compared to my other primers in my collection.

The Foundation is still perfect. I suggest starting with a light layer and build from there. The most you can get is a light medium coverage, which I like. You can easily apply with your fingers as well, which is Pat’s preferred method.

The Powder: first I have to mention that this is a very pricey item – you get 5 g of product for $60. If I compare it to the new La Prairie loose powder (everyone was so appalled about the ridiculous price of $220), you get 40 g plus another 10g in the accompanying travel size compact, so total of 50 g for $220; the Pat McGrath powder is 8 times more expensive!!! Now, let’s talk about the quality – it’s light as though you’re not wearing anything and you need very little product. It gives no additional coverage but it has a mild matte affect. I didn’t see any improvement in much else. So given the value and the overall return on investment, well you draw your own conclusions!

Now, let’s go and buy some more beauties so I can actually unify my face and body shade…



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