Yeessss! The secret is in the tequila…

If you know me at least a little bit, you probably know that I don’t drink alcohol…almost never unless with someone I somewhat trust and in a really good mood or someone I don’t care about at all and in a really good mood…The reason being: as a non drinker and light weight, I get tipsy very fast, I mean, after 2 sips and I’m kind of out of control…and I prefer to be in control…and if I do drink, I only drink tequila. My favorite tequila has been so far 1942 or Casa Amigos. Well, today, I found a new favorite: Casa Dragones. It’s really smooth. The best!


And if it wasn’t for the 4 sips of this fabulous mind numbing elixir, I probably would have not posted this next few photos but I figure, I’m on vacation, so why the Hell not?!
Fabulously tanned…😄

So I found the trick to actually enjoy a vacation while being a workaholic: start drinking around 2 pm! Just don’t check your work emails! I had 556 today and about the same amount yesterday…and my assistant texted me twice with decision requests…texting being an emergency only as she was instructed. Yikes!!!

Earlier this afternoon…That’s too close, babe!!

Yesterday, same time, same position…

World, don’t bother me, I’m enjoying my tequila moment!

Dinner without make up…Wow! Ok, I did apply a bit of the Sisley lip tint as it is very comfortable and soothing on the lips…

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