Skin Fetish…Sublime…and Pat McGrath…

Sephora opened doors at 10 am. At 10:45am someone rang my doorbell and a medium sized package was delivered. The mysterious package contained something that not only rendered me deliriously happy but actually made me jump up and down for about 7 seconds flat. It contained 12 shades of the brand new Pat McGrath foundation which I had been impatiently waiting to arrive for over a month. They said 3 decades in the making…who wouldn’t go absolutely bananas over it!! Don’t judge! Sometimes very little makes me happy…

Fetish it is…Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection – The System. The System consists of a foundation, a primer and a setting powder. The Foundation is the only one of the three available at the Sephora store so I ordered the other two immediately from the website.

Ok, it is in bad taste to bring this thing to a beach so I just have to try it today before I leave…

It didn’t take long to match my shade out of the 12 I had but there are 36 shades available. I picked Light Medium 9. The packaging is beautiful and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Pat. Traditional bottle with a pump. Perfect! The consistency is quite liquid and runny which surprised me a bit as you would expect a creamier formulation for what claims to be a perfecting coverage foundation. I applied it with a sponge and it took about 20 seconds to blend it out. It is extremely light on the skin as if you are not wearing anything but covered and perfected my whole face. Once applied, it looks skin-like and flawless. It is not matte but not dewy either. I would call it satin finish. Somewhat difficult to describe until you try it. I set it with powder although I could have skipped that step. It didn’t oxidize and if anything became even better a few hours later as it became smoother and just flawless. No creasing, no sliding, no moving…It has absolutely no scent. Love it!

I can not compare it to any other foundation in my collection as it is light but performs as a much thicker and heavier foundation without the cake-like feeling or appearance of a full coverage.

This foundation is perfection and I can’t wait to receive the primer and setting powder so I can test all together.

There is only one concern that I have to bring up: the 4th ingredient in the formulation is alcohol. And although I understand that alcohol speeds up the process of a dry down, I would have preferred that it was omitted as unfortunately alcohol has the tendency to dry out skin.

Not sure how I’ll be able to abstain from wearing it again for the next 7 days but I’m sure I’ll find other pleasures to enjoy on an island…like swimming…😄

Ugh! Horrible photo so you just have to trust me when I say: this foundation is perfect!


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