What’s “Better than Sex”?

It’s really not my style to talk about sex but let’s face it: it’s important. Especially if its mind blowing and spectacular. Why would you want any other kind?! And quite a few cosmetics companies on the Market have banked on that fact and decided to take it all out of our bedrooms by seductively naming their products: like the whole Glowgasm collection by Charlotte Tilbury or the famous Orgasm blush by Nars. And of course, Too Faced with their “Better than sex” mascara. So in the end, it’s all about make up and sex…and sometimes even make up sex.

What’s Better than sex? Well, with the right man, and the definition of the “right man” will differ depending solely on you, it may be amazing and possibly irreplaceable.

But let’s face it: how many of the “right man” do we actually meet?! I’d consider myself lucky if I can fathom two of those in a lifetime.

And since we couldn’t settle on a definite opinion here, let’s talk about the new “Better than sex” mascara by Too Faced. In this case, there are definitely a few better.

I have talked about the new Lash Rays mascara by Tom Ford. I find it to be better than anything else I have ever tried. Yes, even better than my trusted Lancome. It contains fibers to give you extra volume and length. It allows you ample time to apply the desired amount of coats without drying too fast. Once it’s dry, it truly doesn’t move, smudge or change until removed with eye make up remover. Removing a mascara is important for me as well. I’ve tried waterproof mascaras and although the benefit of wearing one is the longevity and budge proof application, the removal is a tedious process in its level of difficulty. The Too Faced one has that issue. Lash Rays by Tom Ford is not waterproof or at least not advertised as such, but it carries an equal strength in performance with an ease of removing it with eye make up removal.

The only thing the Lash Rays mascara doesn’t do is curl. But I found a trick to remedy this. I apply first a single coat of a very underrated mascara by Col-Lab – the curling one and then a coat of Lash Rays by Tom Ford. It’s perfection!

Now, if you want that big Vavoom! affect and want to dazzle with your lashes without applying falsies (I never do) then apply the Lash Primer by Marc Jacobs first and two coats of Lash Rays by Tom Ford. That’s truly Better than sex!!! Or at least, it may attract a man so you can get some and be the judge.

In conclusion, unlike with mascara, if you find the right man, there is really nothing better than sex.

And now I’m dropping the suit and off to a beach for a while…and the dilemma continues because there is no need for mascara on a beach…


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