What’s all the hype – Cover FX?

The packaging is stupid. I mean, really dumb! Whoever is the marketing genius behind this, ironically speaking, as this thing looks ridiculous! It looks like a bar of soap when closed so definitely far away from visually appealing. And I’m a sucker for beautiful things…when it comes to my men but particularly when it comes to make up. Yeees, beautiful, tall, muscular enough, manly looking…ok, wait a sec! We are only focusing on make up today…

I’m talking about the new Matte + Sheen blush from Cover FX. Yes, the compact is ugly. But sometimes, just like with men, the package is nothing special but the inside is quite spectacular and of course, vice versa. You make what you’d like of this reference to men but when referring to this blush, definitely valid. The actual product inside has two sides – matte and sheen and both are quite impressive. The matte side is soft to the touch but not overly and applies on the skin beautifully without emphasizing texture, just the opposite, it actually smooths and blends effortlessly. It’s quite pigmented, so start with a light hand and build to desired intensity. The sheen side is a beautiful topper when applied on the cheek bone as a subtle highlighter. The formula is nothing I’ve experienced before – not powdery but definitely not cream. Just gorgeous! I’m definitely picking up a few more shades in this product although most are sold out on the Sephora website.

Yes, I wish the packaging was better but in this case, I’m willing to forgo that option as the product inside is worth the eye sore. Unfortunately, nowadays I’m not willing to apply the same logic to men. I need them beautiful inside and out. I know, I’m asking for too much. But beauty is subjective, right?! But hey, they do exist! They do!

I’m wearing Pink Dahlia shade in this photo. The picture doesn’t do it justice…So pretty!



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