Viseart – the starter eyeshadow palette

D90513A1-B85F-47DC-8A99-3562181A5CD8.jpegI have tried a variety of eyeshadow palettes. Probably best not to mention how many exactly as I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself and it would take too long to list. But let’s just say that I have tried a lot of different brands and I had to pick two, whose consistency in quality never disappoints: Viseart and Pat MacGrath.

Let’s talk about Viseart: if you’re a professional woman or man who needs an absolute reliability and subtlety with a touch of elegance but also versatility and ease of application, you choose Viseart. It just never lets you down. This is a brand which happens to be chosen as a favorite by a lot of professional make up artist and for a good reason: it blends easily, the color pay off is as good as it gets, it’s longevity is undeniable and the shade selection is countless. No, you do not have to be a make up artist to use these shadows. Just the opposite. I’m obviously not one…just merely an eager enthusiast.

Recently Viseart released a consumer friendly collection of edited palettes which offer the same quality as the larger professional version but accessible to a broader audience. So if you’ve never tried Viseart before and you don’t want to invest in their regular palettes, I suggest you pick up one of these and enjoy. Compact and great for travel too.


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