Concealer week – Tarte Shape Tape

8A69B4A3-4F6B-4138-BA74-A6A3F3A144B5.jpegIf you’re anything like me, even a little bit, and occasionally you go through those periods of time when you feel as though life is racing around you at hypersonic speed and you restlessly battle all the thoughts and dreams of accomplishing everything you have on your bucket list so you end up sleeping less and less each night, only to eventually realize that there aren’t enough waking hours in the day to do it all, then you understand…you understand the major issue that eventually occurs: the dreaded dark blue circles under the eye have appeared even more prominent than ever.

So what do you do? You reach out for your trusted friend and assistant, the master concealer of them all, which not only covers your darkness under your eyes but also masks most of your emotions: Tarte Shape Tape. Yes, that’s how good this thing is!!

I cannot use this concealer all the time as it is quite matte and after prolonged use it tends to dry me out but when I’m in need, like today, I am rescued. Ultra full coverage and the amazing part – it doesn’t crease if you set it with powder properly, it doesn’t move (I wore it for 18 hrs today) and doesn’t fade away. It just stays put!! Forever!

I have a few more days until I hide away to an island far far away from everyone and everything and while I’m impatiently counting the days and dreaming of that impeccable beach and azure warm water, soft sand and sitting under an umbrella with a book, I have a feeling Tarte Shape Tape has become my eminent companion.



About Desi Stark

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