Escaping with Tom Ford…

2E0B78AF-8777-4FA4-BC43-7BFFA7AA7E08.jpegSmall back and shoulder injury, big hair, big attitude…and lots of setting spray to mask the pain on my face as yes, I managed to hurt myself a little bit during another training session. Well, that’s ok, it only took 3 hrs to shower today…

But that’s not important…what’s important is my new Tom Ford Body oil as despite the fact that I’ve been looking for a good body oil to bronze my skin and glow for a while and after buying and trying multiple ones just so I can brutally reject most of them, I found the one. I’m fairly certain it’s the only thing preventing me from screaming out loud multiple times throughout the day. Three things are of utmost importance when it comes to a good body oil for me:

1. Fragrance – most of the body oils on the market have a very pronounced scent of coconut and vanilla. I can’t stand either one of them and particularly when combined. Too generic and pedestrian.

The Tom Ford one carries the captivating aroma of Bora Bora. Yes, I put it all over my body and I smell like a Caribbean beach at sunset. Absolutely amazing!

2. Shine and glow – most of the other body oils are extremely glossy and shiny with large golden particles. Tom Ford’s one still provides the shimmer but the shiny particles are subtle and elegant. Just beautiful!

3. Does it stay oily and sticky on the skin? I hate that! Don’t you?! The only good thing about this is that you have a good excuse to skip all the hugging that our bizarre society has installed as part of our personal and professional lives. Yes, I wish people would stop touching me! Well, not all people…No, screw it! All people!!!

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to make me love sliding off of my leather chair or leaving wet stains all over my desk every time I lean my elbows. The Tom Ford one absorbs quickly into your skin and it feels more like a dry oil which does not stay wet on the skin. Just perfect!!

So I’m somewhat comfortably sitting in my chair with a bronze glow and enjoying a sweet fantasy of a blue Caribbean hut hidden away in a dreamlike beauty and tranquility. Ok, I think it’s time to escape this place and go to a beach somewhere in this beautiful world, far far away from here…I’m kinda tired of it all! I need a break! Somewhere, far far away from it all…

So, I think I’ll drop the suit for a bit…and break free…just me and my Tom Ford…



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