You want perfection?! Concealer week continues…


This is probably one of the very few products from Sisley – Paris that I don’t own or had tried before. Sisley doesn’t disappoint. Ever! I am fairly certain that if I do a Top Favorites in Make up or skin care products, Sisley-Paris will be one of Top 3 in almost every category.

I am referring to the other concealer from Sisley – the Style Lumiere Highligher Pen. It is a highlighter pen, as the name states, which is designed to boost the radiance of your under eye area. It is very light and creamy, spreads easily and dries down completely. It just glides on your skin while covering all imperfections, lines and visibly smoothes. If you do not have pronounced darkness under your eyes, you may use this product on its own. I need a bit more so I layered it on top of the other concealer from Sisley – the Phyto-Cernes Eclat, which due to its peachy undertone will cancel the blueish shadows and prep the under eye for the Highlighter pen to add luminosity.

The Highlighter Pen can be applied on bare skin under foundation and also over foundation depending on your preference. I applied it under foundation. But get this – I also applied it over all areas where I need a bit of help to diminish pores, which is around the nose area, chin and forehead between the brows. It is magic! It’s super light but it covers and smoothes everything! And for the sake of this test, I didn’t apply any primer so I can determine the effectiveness of the product without additional help from others.

The formula is enriched with beauty-enhancing skin care ingredients just like most Sisley products. I am truly confident in my recommendation of this duo – between both products, you get it all to perfect your under eye area.


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