Concealer week – Sisley Phyto-Cernes Eclat & Tom Ford Emotionproof

Since I’m on the hunt for the best in make up anyway, I decided to get organized and dedicate a week or possibly longer to eye concealers. If I have one major issue that I constantly have to correct, that would be the dark circles under my eyes. Unfortunately, European gene is undeniably the reason and if I want that flawless look, I need a good concealer. So what we need is one that has full coverage, moisturizing, doesn’t crease, doesn’t fade away and brightens.

Today we’re trying the Sisley Phyto-Cernes Eclat. This concealer is quite nice and also contains anti-aging qualities. It has a peachy undertone so it cancels out the darkness under the eye. It’s quite tacky and thick in consistency but blends out beautifully and smooths. I like to also use it on the lid as an eye shadow primer. So it checks out all boxes except for one: it’s not enough for a full make up look. So unless I’m wearing a light foundation or a CC cream, a 2nd concealer has to be layered on top. In this photo I also have the Tom Ford Emotionproof concealer applied on top. Tom Ford on its own is beautiful as well but also very thin and unless you coat 3-4 layers, not enough coverage. It’s quite liquid and runny but doesn’t emphasize any texture and it’s smoothing. It lasts forever. Both of these together – it’s magic!

Not sure what’s up there…should have taken more pics…


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