Regular vs Super

CA5C21C2-1D11-4D4B-B878-5556D28B57A8.jpegEver since the invention of the Beautyblender, fashionistas and make up aficionados around the world like me ditched the brushes and started bouncing the pretty sponge on their faces when applying make up and specifically foundation. If you don’t know what that is, well, keep on reading.

The traditional make up sponge is an egg shaped sponge, used usually dampened to apply foundation and sometimes cream products or even powder. The advantage of using a sponge compared to a brush is that you have more control over the amount of product applied as the sponge absorbs the access so it allows for a more natural finish.

I came upon another invention which is still in its beginning stage and barely started production. It’s called the SuperSponge. It is also a sponge but infused with silicone on the surface so it allows for an even better control. It’s fantastic!!!

Yes, super is always better. I’m ditching all regular things and going for Super. I was told that I’m worth it…by someone who is Super…




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