Flawless One…the Japanese way…

6BBE1251-D772-4E06-8851-FC6CA6610CB8“You know, the Japanese women, they know their stuff”, she is intensely staring at me while convincingly giving me her best sales pitch. She continues talking excitedly and although I appreciate the effort, she clearly knows nothing about the particular powder I’m holding or any other product at her counter. And I’m clearly in the mood of embarrassing someone today so my questions are increasingly rising in difficulty. I’m determined to make her sweat a bit…Yeah, now I’m really starting to have fun…My friend is casually turning away and almost pretending we’re not together…ok, I have to buy the Damn powder now…and so I did…

Cle De Peau…beautifully created Japanese luxury make up and skin care brand which I had abandoned for about a decade or so for some unknown reason. Back then, this brand had no meaningful competition on the market when it comes to concealer. Best ever! Since then, many other brands have successfully created worthy adversary in this arena. So while casing the floor at Bloomingdales, and while having a blast talking and laughing with my friend and swatching every powder, eye shadow, lipstick or highlighter and chatting up the sales associates, we stumbled upon Cle De Peau.

I picked up both the pressed translucent and loose powders. Let’s talk about the pressed: this thing is a beauty. Finely milled, almost undetectable and weightless. Quite the interesting texture in the pan – it’s a powder but feels soft and not powdery. It brightens, smooths and sets your foundation in a seamless and effortless way. It has the signature scent of the brand – a slight hint of rose. Normally I would hate the aroma as I detest traditional scents like rose and absolutely avoid vanilla/coconut or lavender but this is quite light and sophisticated. Almost undetectable. It’s not drying yet does not feel moist on the skin – just perfect enough to set your make up without any additional coverage. Upon touch – my skin feels absolutely flawless!

Oh, yes! I’m wearing this tonight. Not for him though…just for me…but I bet he’ll notice too.



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