The most expensive powder in the world…for connoisseurs only…

64780490-E70A-4A8A-A422-2AA0ACCC3DD3I’ve been a loyal La Prairie customer for years. We all know that I still consider the LP foundation to be the best in make up, both of them. Not to mention all of the skin care. I’m particularly fond of the caviar collection creams and serums. La Prairie just released the replacement of their setting powder and also the powder foundation. New and improved versions. And boy, new and improved they truly are! I almost never talk about prices here as I gravitate towards high-end and luxury make up anyway and most come with the assumption that it will cost you but I have to say that $220 for a setting powder is just a ridiculous amount to charge. I believe that tag makes it the most expensive powder on the market. The old version was half that price and still the priciest… Ok, so yes, the new version is quite spectacular and infused with their caviar patented technology but for this price I expect to apply today and wake up in the morning looking like Claudia Schiffer when she was 21. And grow 3 inches. I didn’t…

2nd day of testing the setting powder. I didn’t use it to set but rather buffed it into my skin as a finishing powder. It does come into 3 shades although once applied it’s all translucent. It’s the most incredible consistency as in the pan, it looks quite matte but once buffed into the skin it creates a light glow. So layering the normal amount of highlighter was definitely a mistake. That’s why I look like an airbrushed cover. Yes, it perfects as well. I love it!!! It actually looks better in real life than the photos as the strong vanity lights are magnifying the intensity. I’m kind of impressed here…

You glow, girl!!!




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