New Year is coming…

Every year around this time I become a little restless. Predominantly because my Birthday is coming up – July 14th, yes, AKA Bastille day or The French Revolution, which carries no relevance to me or major significance in my life, just a simple fact.

See, we all celebrate December 31st to welcome the New Year but I view my Birthday as the start of a New Year as it technically is. And no, I do not make resolutions or wish lists or plans for the New Year as I do those almost daily, but I do begin to hope. Hope that I will conclude the old year with a mental cleanse and leave all that has to be abandoned behind, an emotional and mental overhaul if you will and a fresh start is provided. I don’t really believe in luck either, I favor the “right timing” theory more but every year around this time I become very conscientious of the concept of opportunity and timing. See, I’ve always considered time to be my most valuable commodity mainly because I have an unnatural sense of urgency and thus go through experiences as quickly as possible as often they become boringly predictable and I’m in the business of experiencing new emotions and chasing new exciting feelings. That’s powerful to me. Except for love, if you find the right kind, this one can last you a lifetime. Possibly…

But hope is present and the unknown becomes exciting as almost always once my New Year begins, something amazing happens. And thus a new beginning is rooted. And it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because that one amazing thing that happens right after my Birthday propels my motivation to quench my thirst for more and naturally I’m forced to go into action mode more than ordinarily. And when it comes to love, don’t know about that; love is always a tricky one…

So the countdown begins…I have to survive this last 35 days and conquer my restless side and remain patient…but I look forward to the new exciting beginning and what amazing new experiences I’ll be given in my new year…

Leaving the old burdensome thoughts and emotions behind…and welcome new wonderful experiences…Can’t wait!!!



About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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