Glass skin…can you stand it?!

The new trend in beauty is “glass skin”. Not sure why it is new as I’ve always strived for a mime like face…or a geisha look alike. Joke aside, who wants anything else but a perfect, flawless complexion?! Ok, I guess there were days in the past, when some of us would cake on the make up so thick that once off, a girl would transform into a completely different, unrecognizable individual. I’ve never been one of those. Who has the time?!

The trick to achieving glass like skin is moisturizing to extreme and prepping your face but actually wearing less make up. At least that’s how I do it, although, grateful to genetics, I have a pretty nice skin to begin with.

I like to start with a good moisturizer, SPF and of course the trusted Sisley-Paris Double Tenseur. I didn’t do it today, but you can also layer another primer after if you feel the need. Give it about 10 min to all sink in and apply your foundation. I like the La Prairie cushion which is only a light coverage, great for the summer. Lightly set the foundation with your favorite setting powder (I like the Sisley loose powder or Viseart as both are translucent and give no additional coverage) and apply bronzer, blush, etc. The final step is quite important: spritz a setting spray lightly all over your face to seal it with more moisture. I’ve been testing the new Tatcha Satin spray and it gives you the desired affect.

Off you go…

A short disclosure: my make up vanity table has 15 powerful light bulbs so needless to say, it adds a filter of perfection. I’m thinking of taking it with me everywhere I go.


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