A creative pause…and L’Orchidee

3:41am – the expected time my brain decides to become awake and active. Every morning, like a Swiss clock that just doesn’t want to die. Not that I would want my brain to die but a few more hours of sleep would be nice once in a while.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, I decide to meditate. Apparently, that’s what the cool kids are doing nowadays…But I’m a meditation idiot or my brain refuses to take part of any healing as it’s ego is just as large as its owner’s. We don’t do healing! We’re fine! After a few miserably failed attempts, I reckon I’ve tortured myself plenty and decide to let my brain just be as this is bull shit. It’s for people who stress out or have anxiety and we don’t get affected by it. And by “we” I mean me and my brain. We’re fine! My heart is bleeding, but I’ll swap it later for a cactus. So we’re good there too!

After the usual shower, hair dry, etc. routine, comes the best part – make up. Well, a 7am conference call then make up. And it’s only become the most exciting part because I get to be creative and experiment. And I like make up. And shoes…ok, ok clothes too. Ugh, so I am a girl?! Good to know! As lately I’ve been referring to myself as an intense workaholic and a Maneater. Or possibly others have mentioned…

Tried the new Sisley-Paris blush today. Adore!!! Yes, it’s a ridiculous price to pay for a blush but come on, just look at it! It’s a piece of art! And yes, gorgeous on the skin!




About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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