Sisley-Paris Blur and Give me some attitude!

The people, the energy, the attitude! Yeees, the attitude!!! And Chanel all around!! And all the people who arrived from, I don’t know, Sioux Falls, South Dakota pretty much yesterday but today, today they are from Beverly Hills. Where everyone belongs as long as you can find a way to buy the new Gucci loafers, you have made it…in Beverly Hills. My kind of place!!! And traffic sucks!

Now, let’s talk about the anticipated new Sisley-Paris Blur powder as I had a chance to try it on today again. I have to mention first that I absolutely adore a lot of the Sisley skin care products and make up and own quite a few pieces.

I generally have a pretty nice skin (thank you, good genes!) and using blurring powders do not accomplish much if you do not have much to blur but that’s not the issue here. The issue is that even though the powder is almost undetectable and very light, it oxidizes on your skin pretty much immediately so you end up a shade darker. Just keep that in mind! It doesn’t dry out the skin and gives you a light glow. That’s nice! But I noticed that a few hours after application, it does break up your make up a bit which usually does not happen with me. The powder has a really interesting formulation, no kick back in the pan and very, very fine, almost non existent finish. You almost do not see it on the brush when picking up the product either. I will have to try different application methods but for $95 for this tiny thing, I expected a bit more…Still love you though, Sisley!


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