Skin glow trend…shall we?

Just in case you’ve missed the new trend for spring/summer 2019 in fashion – it’s all about glowing skin. And I don’t just mean the face, it’s actually more the whole you – body, hair, teeth, everything. I’m not quite sure that I particularly want to be spotted from space and I would like to avoid looking like a disco ball so not quite my thing…but a subtle, shimmery, healthy glow would be acceptable. So we’re going with that. And every brand is putting all sorts of body shimmers, lavas, sprays, oils and such on the market in an effort to frost us all in glow. Yes, frost yourself!!! From Fenty, Patrick Ta, Huda Beauty to Tom Ford, yes, everyone is coming out with some sort of a body glow. Unfortunately, some of these have the very pronounced aroma of coconut and vanilla and once again, I’d like to avoid smelling like a cupcake and unlike most people, I hate that smell. So, it’s a big “no” for me! I know, it’s cute, adorable and girlie, none of which describe me in the least. My preference would be a slightly more elegant approach – true to my attempt to walk on a more sophisticated grounds. So I’m going with Chanel.

But if that’s your thing – go for it! We each have our own style and we should stay true to it and proudly own it! Break free, allow yourself to be whoever you are or want to be and no trend, fashion or society norm should dictate your preference as beauty is about authenticity but also expression of you and no one will take that away from you! But still, a little glow doesn’t hurt…

So here, I frost myself today in my own way! Yes, I’m kind of glowing…a little bit…but I’m thinking it may be from something else than just the body oil…and no, it’s not sold at Neiman Marcus.



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