Don’t f..k with me this week!

Beast mode today or bitch mode if you prefer…back in action full force but still mad at the stupid cold which made me lose 2 whole days last week not to mention cancel my business travel.

Tested all the new Tom Ford I purchased yesterday and here it goes: the eye shadow quads are quite nice but nothing special that I don’t already have in my collection. The bronzer is spectacular and the big surprise was the mascara. It doesn’t give much fullness but lots of length and it doesn’t clamp or smudge. Perfect mascara for the office as it doesn’t give the sexy vibe that ok, even I want sometimes…for that occasion, I still recommend the Monsieur by Lancôme. This one comes in play on Fridays: the designated night for a gentleman, whoever is next on the list to crush…Yeah, no dating on Saturdays, that’s assigned to me and no pressure to pretend I am enjoying myself. Not that I give a flying sombrero any other day. The Power Fabric concealer by Armani unfortunately is a flop for me: my European gene has gifted me with a light under eye darkness or possibly the 4-5 hour a night sleep, not sure, and the Armani concealer is too light and too thin. I have to stick with my trusted Cle de Peau or Tarte Shape Tape. The lipsticks are still amazing…

I have a feeling this is not going to be a good week…for the people around me that is…I intend on having a blast! Yeah, don’t mess with me…


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