When denial is inevitable but yet in need of a rescue…

I pledge allegiance to Estée Lauder Double  wear foundation for covering up my dark under eyes as even though I’m obviously in denial, I have totally demolished my Superwoman status and managed to catch a cold. Yes, when in need of effortless perfection, and perfection is not in abundance or even completely absent, do reach for the ultimate girl rescuer – The Double Wear Foundation. The holy grail of coverage. My dinner companion is yet to remain informed of my tiny little imposition and discomfort and I owe it all to keeping a straight face and good make up. Yes, I feel perfectly fine…and yes, I feel the shattered glass in my throat and the loud pounding in my head…Shh, he’ll never know…

In full disclosure, these pictures and story above are from yesterday, when I could still function. Today is not a day that I’d like to immortalize in a photo. Today is a day of forced rest and lounging around at my house as in addition to all the pleasantries accompanying the usual cold, I have also almost lost my voice but even if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to use it as every attempt in doing so echoes so loudly in my head that it makes me shiver. So overall, a great day…and I’m slightly annoyed with how useless I’ve been…

And what’s up with everyone telling me to drink tea? I don’t do tea, I don’t like tea and I don’t want any damn tea! I’m a coffee drinker! And I shouldn’t have to change my taste just because of a tiny cold. And if tea actually helps, why do tea drinkers ever get sick? If it cures a cold, it should prevent it as well, right? I haven’t had any tea in 7 years and I haven’t been sick in 7 years. May be that’s why I got sick back then, because I had tea.




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