CBD oil and can you please, get out of my mind?

I open my eyes and something immediately feels weird. My head is in a vice and my throat is as if full of shattered glass…ok, this is new…I touch my forehead  and it doesn’t feel hot but my body is burning strangely everywhere…and not the good kind. No, no, no!!! I simply don’t have the time to get sick! I don’t even remember the last time I had a cold…at least 6-7 years ago. That’s what you get for sleeping 4 hours a night, working 70 hrs a week, traveling like a mad woman and not to mention depriving yourself of variety of foods, Desi! Coffee becomes a necessity now and while heading downstairs to get some, I catch a glimpse of myself in one of the multiple enormous mirrors around my house. Damn! I kind of look good…Slim and toned…Workouts and diet are definitely paying off…Clever girl! I’m just trying to deflect by giving into my vanity…I proudly continue my coffee prep morning ritual and now the sneezing begins. Ok, I just lost my Superwoman status…Damn it! I summon all the brain power and convince myself that my body will just have to obey today. It always does. Good girl! I take an Airborne and head out to the gym.

I’m deciding that I’m stupid enough to think that I can run away from this cold so I’ll sprint for a while and then an hour of pilates. And while my body is occupied by the activity and desperately reminding me that it’s progressively getting sicker, I decide I will occupy my brain with how to strategically spend the day as that’s all I have to get cured. Yeah, early long flight in the morning, followed by a week full of meetings followed by more travel the weeks after. I need most of my capacities to survive this week. Ok, no drugs then as even over the counter make me drowsy and I hate being out of control. Control, what a foolish notion! After so many years, I’m still delusional enough to think that being in control is plausible. No one knows what’s going to happen. You can’t predict the future but I choose to maintain the level of insanity so yes, I like being in control. So, no drugs.

And all of a sudden a recent conversation pops into my mind. A friend of mine recently got injured. Ok, wait a second, not exactly a friend, an acquaintance…one of those guys that comes in and out of your life just to annoyingly remind you that for some weird reason you can’t get him out of your mind completely but you should…he appears and abruptly disappears…and never ever gives you a chance to know him or shows any interest in knowing you, one of those self-involved assholes that you have the tendency to fall madly in love with because of the stupid way he silences your mind every time you touch him…yeah, I don’t know what’s going on there so I try to exile my thoughts about him…but I digress. Where were we? Oh, yeah, so he got injured and we started talking about CBD oil as a pain relief solution. I had never tried it. But same day coincidentally I received an email from Beautylish.com (one of my favorite websites for high end cosmetic products) about a CBD oil. And naturally, I had to order. Ok, so that’s what we’re doing… We’re trying the CBD oil and hope for some magic, the rest is up to my mind and its sometimes overestimated powers.

I really like this Oil. It doesn’t make me feel weird and it soothed all of my body aches. Yes, that is what’s going to get me through the week…and an obscene amount of Vitamin C.



About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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