The Morning of Desire…

Excitedly opened my eyes – 4:05am. It’s as if it’s Christmas morning and I can finally open my presents – my new Pat McGrath palette is calling me and I can’t wait to try it. Ok, now I’m feeling a bit pathetic that I am so thrilled about eye shadow. But trust me, I’d rather have something else in the morning but since it’s not available, I’m grasping for this. Relax, I’m talking about pancakes…

First we go through the usual torture session with Ezra – my trainer, whose sadistic inclinations have apparently reached a new level – Plyo day. Which apparently means jumping with weights. Fantastic! He is so excited and hopeful that may be today is the day he’ll finally make me cry. Ezra, my dear, Desi doesn’t cry. Ever!!! But he is completely clueless about the half a jar of Nutella I consumed last night, which is definitely helping now…at least enough to conseal the contortions my face wants to assume as this is not a walk in the park. Just about when I’m ready to punch him in the face, the hour comes to an end.

I stand in the shower for extra 3 mins just running cold water. This feels good! I could really go for some pancakes now…or the other thing…the cold shower is somewhat helping with the other thing…

Finally, time has come to try my new eye shadow palette. As we know, I buy and test cosmetic and make up products all the time. But very rarely I find a product that is truly amazing and distinctive and I have to say that I haven’t tried anything so breathtaking in a while. Ok, now that pathetic feeling is back again as I just called an eye shadow palette “breathtaking”…but it is. The quality is insane, blends like a dream, color pay off as no other, long wear and just perfect! I’m so in love with this sort of perfection. If I can find a man who makes me feel that way in the morning, I’ll marry him!


About Desi Stark

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