Ezra, can you murder me tomorrow instead?

Ezra is a guy, currently the only guy, who can pierce straight through my heart and into my brain to land softly onto my soul. He knows me so well and smart enough to realize that if you challenge me enough and keep me interested, I have no limit to my abilities. I will ignore pain, dig through the Universe of my fibers and my cells, push beoynd the bounds of possible, break a nail or a toe (didn’t even notice when it happened) but come through for him. Ezra is beautiful, ex Israeli army guy, who has the most incredible physical technique, impeccable discipline and an energy level almost as high as mine.

Ezra is my trainer. He tries to murder me on a weekly basis by using his favorite phrase “Give me everything you got, Desi and then 4 more”. He has this obsession with the 4 on top of everything. “Ezra, my dear, if I give you everything I got, how could I possibly give you more after?”. And yet, somehow he knows…he believes in me. Or he’s just trying to kill me. I am absolutely crazy about him! I love him more than life because right now, I need exactly that: to explore the impossible and deliver. That or may be I’m deprived in other areas so I’m compensating. Oops, I shared too much…

I’m not traveling on business this week and get to spend it with Ezra and also enjoy some pilates. He allowed me to have an apple today and only because I told him that yesterday I was ready to stab someone for a piece of gum. Yes, as part my regiment, I’m not allowed sugar even from fruit (except tonight, I’m having some Nutella and a banana but he doesn’t know) but lots of carbs. “Desiii, we’re bulking now but tomorrow we start shredding everything, so no more even carbs”, which means I’ll be pretty much deprived of all earthly pleasures.

So, Ezra, my dear, how do I compensate for that and Can you please, murder me tomorrow?

About Desi Stark

All luxury beauty and lifestyle with a sprinkle of the occasional random thought and some life stories.
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